BOSCH Tronic 6000 C Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

Product Name:Tronic 6000 C Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater
Power Source:Electric
Use Type:Indoor
Capacity:2.3 GPM
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The Quick Review

Bosch is the premium brand leader in the water heater space. Their best selling Tronic 6000 C Electric Water Heater is capable of heating an entire (small) house with one of the best flow rates available in the market, even at temperatures below 67F, which is rare in an electric tankless heater. For those who will accept nothing but the best, this is the right choice for you in electric tankless water heaters.


This tankless electric water heater has one of the highest GPM flow rates available in the market, with 2.3 GPM at water temperatures at 67F or above, which is a full 0.8 GPM above the nearest competitor. That is a whole additional faucet! The GPM flow rates are as follows:

At 45 degree F temperature rise it has a GPM output of 2.3.
At 60 degree F temperature rise it has a GPM output of 2.0.
At 75 degree F temperature rise it has a GPM output of 1.6.


Most people will recommend a professional installation of this unit. It is a higher tech unit, slightly more expensive, and with that, more complicated than traditional electric tankless water heaters. While some DIYers have reported successful installation, the majority do recommend professional installation.



This product is for those who are looking for the most powerful electrical tankless water heater available, and are not concerned with paying for a premium brand. All electrical tankless will save money in terms of energy savings, but this unit uses more power than the competition. With that, the direct value isn’t as good as other units, but if it’s the most powerful you’re looking for, the is the best value heater. It is also one of the only heaters available for people with incoming water temperatures below 67F.

The Misses

By far the biggest miss here is the price, which can be up to twice as expensive as a similar, less powerful unit. We would like to see the price come down a bit, although it is rightly more expensive since it is more powerful than the median electric tankless market.

In addition, we would like to see innovation in the ability to install the unit for the average DIYer. Many units are quite easy to install, and this one seems to be overly complicated for no understandable reason.

Our Recommendation

This unit is ideal for someone with extra money to get the most powerful electrical tankless water heater available, otherwise we would recommend a more reasonably priced unit. We also recommend this unit for small houses who have incoming water between 45F and 67F.

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